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Midwest Coatings Four Areas of Expertise

Midwest Coatings offers technical service as needed from qualified ink technicians. We have a complete lab facility available for any ink-related problem you may have. New color matching and proofing is done quickly and efficiently.

Great service is Midwest Coatings, Inc. key asset and prime objective. We operate a complete manufacturing facility, not merely a warehouse full of “stock ink,” and custom blend to our customer’s exact specifications. We normally deliver orders in less than four hours after they are received.

We offer color matching and proofing as a free service to our customers. We can proof colors with a wide range of anilox rolls and show you trap proofs as well as light-standard-dark tolerance proofs.

We are an excellent source for any supplies you may need such as viscosity cups, pH meters, anilox brushes, stirring sitcks, and air driven kit mixers. We inventory G.C.M.I. and Pantone colorbooks and are a licensed dealer for X-RITE Spectrodensitometers, light booths, and color matching software.

Ink Despensing

Midwest Coatings offers over 20 years of experience in ink dispensing systems for the printing industry.

20 Years Experience

We cover a wide range applications including flexo, gravure, screen ink and lithographic applications. The flexibility of our hardware and software allows clients the opportunity to build systems to suit their specific needs and budgets.


We can formulate any primer, adhesive, coating or additive to suit your specific needs.

Big & Small

Our technical staff will review your chemical product needs and work with you to formulate a composition that meets or exceeds your end-use specifications.

Technical Assistance

We supply all the on-site technical help you will need to ensure maximum performance.

Dedicated Team

We make ourselves readily available everyday to field your request for technical help and information and will work with you until we find a solution that works for you.

Lab Tests

Our in-house laboratory test to determine the best product for your application.

Superior Results

In most cases we have found that our products are superior and deliver higher performance. For you, that translates into easier processing and production.

Types Of Markets We Service

      • Bags: Paper & Plastic
      • Corrugated
      • Folding Carton
      • Tag & Label
      • Paper Products ( plates, cups, bowls)
      • Gift Wrap

Why Choose Us

      • 20 Years + Industry Leading Experience
      • Qualified Ink Technicians on Staff to Exceed Expectations
      • In-House Manufacturing Facility & Blend Exact Specifications
      • Typically Deliver Order in Less Than 4 Hours
      • FREE Color Proofing & Matching
      • Customized Formulation

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